Before Email is an afterthought is under development =)

It's exciting times here at the PrePost Email project. PrePost is an experimental Email application prototype, being developed as part of a research project at the University of Sydney, Australia. Based on findings in HCI literature over the last 20+ years, and much of our own data collected during studies since 2010, we've shortlisted a series of feature Email desperately needs to become the productive tool we need it to be.

When the application goes into Beta, we will need participants who might be interested in testing the application and letting us know how it fares. If you would be interested in getting involved, please Contact us to arrange an account. We are looking for anyone with more than 2 years experience using Email, from all work backgrounds and also University students who are working in groups for their coursework.

Two peer-reviewed ACM-archived papers have
been published relating to this project so far;